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Parenting is no doubt a special journey, but let’s get real, it’s also a crazy one. Welcome to Mommy Masters, where we share both the good AND the bad. Where you will learn that the meaning of a Mommy Master is not about being perfect, but actually quite the opposite.  Here you will find unique parenting tips, tricks and tools and discover the secrets to mastering it all.  Get ready to be inspired!

Back to School Contracts:

For some, the first day of school has come and gone. For others, it's almost time, depending on where you live. Mine start tomorrow. WOO HOO! Did I "say" that out loud? In preparation for the first day of school and for the entire school year, how can we let our kids...

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Is it Time for School Yet?

Yep, that's right? I am ready for the school year to start. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy summer, including a less rigid schedule, movie nights with the kids, sleeping in, camps, new experiences, traveling and all that good stuff. However, I am a girl who likes and...

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