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Parenting is no doubt a special journey, but let’s get real, it’s also a crazy one. Welcome to Mommy Masters, where we share both the good AND the bad. Where you will learn that the meaning of a Mommy Master is not about being perfect, but actually quite the opposite.  Here you will find unique parenting tips, tricks and tools and discover the secrets to mastering it all.  Get ready to be inspired!

Kissable Lips for Valentine’s Day:

Get kissable lips for valentines day! Marcadis Plastic Surgery is now offering Volbella, the newest filler made specifically for lips. Some people simply have naturally thin lips and just want to achieve a fuller appearance. Other people have noticed their lips...

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Mommy Brain: Anyone seen my keys?

Listen up moms…I have an important announcement to make but don’t let it get you down. Mommy Brain is not something that disappears after your pregnancy is over. I know…it’s hard to hear, but it’s a truth we all have to accept. I have three children…enough said. There...

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Meet the September Mommy Master

Congratulations to this month's Mommy Master, Shannon Abitbol. She is a mom who knows her essential oils and loves educating others about natural solutions and the impact on postpartum depression.  Learn more about Shannon's journey below. My love of oils plays a role...

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