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animated-notesWHAT FANS ARE SAYING ABOUT “MUSIC IS MAGICAL” animated-notes


“Just got it and we are listening to it in the car now.. Kiddos love it! D is for Dinosaur… Thanks for the great tunes!!!”

“Wonderful CD Ellie, Cameron has been dancing all over the house!!! You amaze me with your talent!!!!!”

“Ellie, you did an incredible job on your CD! Chloe and Emily (and I) LOVE it – we have been listening to it non-stop 🙂 Thanks for the great music!”

“Ruby requested your “first day of school” song 3 times as we drove down bayshore to her school today! love, love, love your CD!!!”

“Hey Ellie! I am listening to your music and it is more than wonderful! I am so happy for you and thanks for putting me in such a great mood. I can not wait for my kids to hear it! They are going to love it.”

“Mommy Masters (Ellie), Just wanted to thank you again for putting up your contest for your free CD! So glad I won, and it came in just in time for our long road trip from Florida to New Jersey. Yep 18 hours with a 3 year old and a 8 month old baby all cooped up in the van. But thanks to your fun songs and catchy tunes it made it so much more fun for them! My 3 year old son especially loved the “Jump” song and my 8 month old daugther was even bouncing her little feet away to the tunes as well! What you do for your kids and others is very inspiring! Thanks for setting the bar.”

  Are you and your children listening to “Music is Magical”?

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[expand title=”Spring 2013 – Parents’ Choice Award Winner”][iframe height=”480″ src=”” get_params_from_url=”1″  scrolling =”yes”] [/expand]


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[expand title=”May 3, 2013 – Oh My Goodies”][iframe height=”480″ src=”” get_params_from_url=”1″  scrolling =”yes”] [/expand]

oh my goodies

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[expand title=”May 5, 2013 – Mom at 40″][iframe height=”480″ src=”” get_params_from_url=”1″  scrolling =”yes”] [/expand]

Mom at 40

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[expand title=”August 8, 2012 – Peanut Butter and Whine”][iframe height=”480″ src=”” get_params_from_url=”1″  scrolling =”yes”] [/expand]

Peanut Butter & Whine

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[expand title=”September 5, 2012 – Macaroni Kid”][iframe height=”480″ src=”” get_params_from_url=”1″  scrolling =”yes”] [/expand]

Macaroni Kid

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[expand title=”September 8, 2012 – Mommy Perks Blog”][iframe height=”480″ src=”” get_params_from_url=”1″  scrolling =”yes”] [/expand]

Mommy Perks

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[expand title=”November 26, 2012 –”][iframe height=”480″ src=”” get_params_from_url=”1″  scrolling =”yes”] [/expand]

Mom Spot

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[expand title=”December 8, 2012 – Divine Tampa”][iframe height=”480″ src=”” get_params_from_url=”1″  scrolling =”yes”] [/expand]

Divine Mom

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[expand title=”March 5, 2015 – Momford County”][iframe height=”480″ src=”” get_params_from_url=”1″  scrolling =”yes”] [/expand]

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 9.09.01 PM


Are you and your children listening to “Music is Magical”?

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