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Welcome to a sneak peak at my children’s music!  Writing, singing and producing my children’s music has been such an amazing adventure and I am very excited to share my work with you.

  • From cleaning up to manners, from potty training to listening, my songs introduce a unique sound, message and overall experience for children and parents.
  • Inspired by my own children, I discovered I could teach through music, and when parents caught on, they wanted their children to benefit as well.
  • After listening just one time, children were singing along to my music, begging their parents for more.  Parents were also enjoying the musical experience, attracted by the different musical genres, beats and rhythms that my music offers.

I introduce you to children’s music that is fresh, unique, educational and entertaining.  Music that is truly magical!  Enough reading…time to listen and hear for yourself!


Ellie, The Mommy Master®

Fun in the Tub

It’s Potty Time


Parts of You

My Daddy

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