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There are days when parenting leaves us baffled. I can give you a ton of examples between my three boys, but I’m pretty sure you know what I mean.  

Since none of our kids came with a manual, we have questions…a lot of questions, am I right?

  • Is it normal for my child to act this way at his age?

  • How can I find a better balance between work and motherhood?

  • Why do my friends seem to have it more together than I do?

  • Why can’t my husband and I be on the same page when it comes to discipline.

  • Should I have another baby?

  • Why are my kids such picky eaters?

I look forward to reading YOUR questions. In case you are wondering, no question is too silly, too honest or too embarrassing to submit. I have heard and seen it all.

You will be happy to know your submission is kept private and our communication occurs over e-mail. This means no one else can view it but you and me!

Remember though that if YOU have a question, it is pretty likely another mom has the same question. If you are willing to share anonymously, you just may be helping someone else. With your permission, there will be opportunities to read YOUR question and MY answer on the Mommy Masters Facebook page, anonymously of course.

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