Product Reviews

Do you have a product that you would like a Mommy Masters to review? If so, then this is the process:

First, contact us at

Once your email has been received we will consider whether your product is one that will fit within our scope.

Once your product has been approved, you will be supplied with a shipping address;  Mommy Masters might contact your for additional information.

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  • You will not be given the chance to “approve” the review prior to publication, nor will you be given editorial authority of any kind.
  • You will be contacted if the item appears to be defective; as it is only fair that a working item be reviewed.
  • Items sent will be used during the review process. For this reason we generally do not return review items provided.
  • The following may occur with items which do not require a return:


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  • Item may be kept by the reviewer for further use and long-term testing
  • Item may be given away in a contest on Mommy Masters
  • Item may be given away at the reviewer’s discretion to family, friends, other reviewers, etc.
  • Items will never be sold.


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  • If product return is necessary, then it is the vendor’s responsibility to discuss this with Mommy Masters before an item is sent and to include a postage paid return label with tracking in the original shipping package. It is also the vendor’s responsibility to immediately let the reviewer know a postage paid return label should have been included but was forgotten and follow up with one, if they will need the review item returned and that was not initially specified. Otherwise the review item will be considered non-returnable.
  • Please be advised that we do NOT return products such as bottles, clothing etc. Because we actually use them during testing, for health reasons we will not send back a product that has been used for feeding purposes.
  • You may be given a tentative date upon which the review will appear, we strive for 1 – 2 weeks after receipt of the item, but that is not always possible. We need time to actually discover all of the ins and outs of your product.
  • A link to the manufacturer’s site and a link to the product supplier’s site will be included in the review, along with MSRP and wrap-up comments. If there is a particular retailer that you would like linked, we would be happy to accommodate your wishes.


We know that there are lots of review sites on the web and we appreciate you spending time on ours!

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